Quality and Sustainability

Manufacturing uncompromising quality is the only step in delivering a total quality products to our customers. Continous improvement with a dedicated responsibility to our nature.

We have been awarded by The International Standards Organization by the ISO 9001 certificate which endorses the efforts of CMT to achieve the quality requirements and the ability of the organisation which comply with the requirements in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers.

And also our OHSAS certificate shows our undrestanding of the responsibility to the nature in all of our processes and providing our workers and people safe and healty enviorement, by achiving quality requirements.


Naturals stones, which are very important resources of our planet must be used efficiently. Also it is becoming a necessity with difficulty of finding strong and imperfect blocks and increased costs.

Our company is always looking for technological and innovative ways to minimize wastage and increase efficiency of natural stone production, and become sustainable to our enviorment by efficient use of natural resources. Also we always aim to be energy efficient and provide best and most economical solutions to our customers.