Restoring and Resin Treatment

Importance of Restoring and Resin Treatment on Natural Stones:
Improving the resistance and the strength of naturals stones become a necessity with difficulty of finding strong and imperfect blocks and increased costs; and all stone companies over the world start to look for technological ways to minimize their wastage and improve their efficiency in order to get as many slabs as possible from a block. Since 2006 CMT using the latest technology with full of experience to restore marble slabs in order to give more resistance and improve efficiency by minimizing waste. In our plants fragile slabs with cracks, deep holes and broken materials can be treated in order to get the most out of it.  * This slab photo taken under xray in order to show natural cracks and characteristic of marble slab.

Our resin treatment restoring plants can go up to 24 slabs/hour capacity (both faces-surfaces finished net+epoxy) which makes around 700 m² per shift. But the important thing is how good, how smooth and how efficient the system is.

In a resin treatment system one of the most important part is heatingThe main goal is to develop solutions which can dry materials at optimal temperatures in a uniform, homogenous and efficient way, allowing for the evaporation of humidity from the slabs and cracks-holes, as quickly as possible. We use electrical or natural-gas (or LPG) heating systems depending on the location and customers availability. Our latest designed technological heating system minimizes energy loss by using the same heated air and taking out humid air, and also this unique method prevents high and non-uniform temperatures over slabs and protects  cracks to make our system more reliable and efficient. Also our system obtains the ideal and optimal temperature to get the best result during the chemical reaction of resin(epoxy) to provide the best treatment result.
Another important aspect is the ventilation, because it is essential to keep an optimal amount of ventilation to assure the ideal temperature and humidity level and to obtain perfect heating and homogenous temperatures. Ventilation keeps the most important role to dry slabs by distributing heated air uniformly flowing over the slabs and taking away the humidity, by automatic control of ventilation system our plant controls itself to keep ideal levels.  The air speed, ventilating air volume, ventilators capacity, distribution and placing of ventilators are very important points requiring well experience and analysis in order to obtain best result.
When heating and ventilating ovens in a resin plant it is also very important to provide the best insulation solutions and coating materials with perfect insulation coefficient and prevent heat dispersion. In our systems we use the best composite materials, with best mechanical strength and best degree of thermal insulation to minimize the waste of energy and making our system the most efficient one. We use Rockwool composite material made up of layer of sheets, providing the best thermal coefficient and insulation ratio, and providing reasonable-lowest running costs. 
Our moving and handling systems provide the best and smooth movement of slabs over the supporting trays to minimize the risk of breaking or damaging slabs due to vibrations. Our smooth and rigid systems with inverter controlled motors and our unique engineered design prevents possible risks. And our unique, well engineered design of trays with a very strong, rigid and well finish supports slabs surface perfectly avoiding any breakage, curving or bending of slabs during any operation the have the best possible finish. And our two level conveyor system allows trays to turn in the system to be used in a cyclical behavior, providing loading/unloading operations to be done at the beginning or end of the line, and providing two independent parallel levels. 

Our latest technology automation system, with our regularly updated software designed by our experienced engineers, makes our system unique and very efficient. Using a well-designed touch screen display (which is located in several points of the plant) users can interact with the system and can set-up many options and/or manually control any station included in the plant. Also operators can user semi-automatic control on any part of the plant to check processes step by step.

Our software allows users to adjust parameters such as;  drying times, catalyzing time, temperatures, cycle times, speed, etc, and our software optimizes and adjust all other required parameters to get the best treatment in most efficient way with best production and energy consumption. And in every part of the plant production reports and plant management can be accessed by users.

Our auxilary components completes and makes our plants the best solution. Auto slab overturner brings ability to automatically and gently  turn over the slabs to be able to work on the opposite surface. It can be placed in several points of the resin plant, working simultaneously and in communication with other parts of the line. Our manual (or automatic) loading and unloading units brings the ability to load and unload slabs at any point of the resin plant, and it brings the advantage of workers to control how and in which way slabs has to be handled, and also allows operator to check loaded/unloaded slabs. Vacuum station bring our system the ability to increase the penetration of the resin(glue) deep in to the cracks, holes and pores of the slabs, to be able to decrease process time and finish quality.